Henning Grambow - Strategy & Audio Processing
Founder & Co-Manager SCM Music Publishing
Sync License Manager - Film, Advertisements
Consultant & Researcher - Behaviour Prediction based on fMRI
Music Producer & Composer Artists, Global Ad Campaigns, Feature Films TV & Cinema
MA Communication in Social and Economic Contexts (Berlin) & BA Jazz Music (Amsterdam)
Philip Kurt Kressin - Partnerships & Community
Founder, Co-Manager Multicorriente (Exit)
Neon Legion - Music Artist
Music Producer & Composer Artists, Cinema & Advertisement
BA Music, BA Film & TV, Brunel University (London)
Julian Laping - UI/UX Design
Sound & Product Designer - Native Instruments, Volkswagen
Polly Powder - DJ & Live Act
Music Producer & Composer Artists, Advertisements
Piotr Śnieżek - CTO
Software Architecture Consulting Management, Development of enterprise-level system projects in Spain, Norway, Netherlands
Polskie Badania Internetu Member of Supervisory Board
Poland Gateway - President, CTO Vice President, Strategy and Development
Internet Partners E-Business Director
MSC in Software Engineering, Technical University of Wroclaw
Har Preet Singh - Advisor Blockchain
Ignite (formerly Tendermint) Blockchain Researcher & Developer
FIWARE Blockchain Developer for EU-Funded Projects
Fraunhofer Fokus - Student Research Assistant
Game Developer Nominated for Nasscom Upcoming Game Award 2015, EPIC Cricket: 25+ Million Downloads in Google Play Store
MSC in Computer Science Specializing in Distributed Networks, Technical University of Berlin