Klangchat believes NFT and web3 based digital ownership will unleash innovation at the intersection of communication, entertainment and creative content distribution.

True Digital Ownership
Data Sovereignty in the form of property is very powerful and going to transform almost everything in digital networks. It enables new business models for a majority of businesses, communities, individuals, developers, creators, since they own and create assets in the form of data and NFTs. Users can decide if, when and how to make use of their data, as opposed to what we have now: a web2 platform capitalism that exploits user data in opaque ways by selling data to the highest bidder.
Decentralistion and Interoperability
The things we own represent who we are, also in the digital world. This is why users need to be able to transport their belongings from one experience to another one. NFTs and blockchain serve these relatable needs.
Shared Network Effects
Experiences are more attractive and valuable to users, if they can take their data, assets, avatars, images and music with them to another experience. This openness allows the user to utilise what they own, where and however they wish. Both experiences will benefit from the other network's audience.