Why Now?

NFT technology can enable new economic models, innovative monetisation and royalty mechanisms. A fair and colourful way of content distribution will ignite new forms of engaging and empathic communication.

Empathic Communication
Generation Z is in need of authentic communication. They naturally make use of innovative aspects of digital communication. Gen Z creates content snippets and memes. They expect engaging branded content campaigns and recommender marketing, while being confronted with the negative outcomes of mostly text-based communication: hate speech. Interestingly enough, hate speech is predominantly a written phenomena. Gen Z might be one of the first generations who is, to a large extent, very aware of the enormous tasks and huge problems that need to be tackled in order to make the world a better place. A more empathic and audio based communication is likely to be helpful.
Creator Economy - NFT enabling the Long Tail
The majority of Web2 based business models reward large rights holders and platforms at the expense of independent creators. NFT and web3 can truly create new ways of
  • fan and audience engagement (word-of-mouth marketing)
  • community building (distribution of content)
  • monetisation (digital ownership, royalties)
with far less intermediaries.