Market Design

We believe the core of web3 is users being rewarded for the contributions and value that they bring to experiences. This is what we want to focus on with Klangchat.


Creators will be able to define a reward scheme for distribution support of their content. Creators will be asked to stake a part of their campaign budget before being able to drop NFTs.


Creators and collectors will be asked to stake $KLNG before they can bring NFTs to the market.
Primary Agents/Actors of the System:
  • Chat-users send and receive voice music snippets videos by using a Klang NFT.
  • NFT collectors, projects and creators of content (music artists, DJs, brands) distribute NFTs.
  • Micro-influencers/fans/promoters use and spread content.
Type of Behaviour Klangchat wants to Instil:
  • Regular empathic and entertaining voice chats, released privately and publicly as an individual or user group.
  • Interaction with unknown users.
  • Creation of numerous engaging Klang NFTs for fans and various audiences.
Positive Incentives:
  • In-chat points for daily usage, interactions with unknown users, onboarding of new users
  • Rewards for public releases as a user group
  • Rewards for using branded Klang NFTs.
  • Revenue from NFT sales and or opportunity to engage community and let them spread the word.
Negative Incentives
  • Decrease of in-chat points when not used regularly.
  • Negative interest decreases in-chat points when not spent within a certain period of time.
  • Features lock up when no public release occurred over a period of time.
  • Ban from community for harmful public posts.