• will incentivise meaningful transactions, respectively encourage users to combine their voice with content snippets (music and images, NFTs) for empathic digital communication.
  • will adopt a skill-based chat-and-earn system which allow chat users to earn coins by sending and receiving voice & music snippets.
  • creates a novel use case for crypto tokens and NFTs to open the doors to a wider community with a low threshold entry point. Not everyone is a gamer, but everyone communicates.
Klangchat's NFTs will be interoperable sound effects and music beds to modify your voice in various environments in web3 and beyond. Fans can become micro influencers, can support creators and earn coins by using Klang NFTs within digital communication.
In-Chat Token: Chat Empathy Points (CEP)
User can earn Chat Empathy Points (CEP) by creating, sending and receiving messages, inviting new users, using branded Klang NFTs. The ability to show more variations in the voice will result in higher rewards. This requires users to be more engaged with the experience to earn and is more difficult to bot.
Coin: $KLNG
User will be able to sell and rent NFTs and in-app assets with $KLNG coins. $KLNG treasury fund will support the ecosystem of creators and will support extraordinary creator and developer projects.
Klang NFTs: Music & Sticker Packs (ERC-1155) can hold various NFTs (ERC-721)
Klangchat will introduce Free-To-Mint-NFTs. The user will have to stake $KLNG in order to be able to rent or sale an NFT or its components.